Dear Sponsor,

We would like to offer you a unique grass roots Marketing Program that will create Product Awareness, and Market your Products at a very Cost-Effective Investment. Our Presenting Sponsors have confirmed they are receiving a 7.5 to 1 return on Advertising Dollars Spent.

We Produce between 60 to 80 Major Motorsport Events across the United States in Major and Secondary Markets. We are one of the Largest Monster Truck Promoter in the United States. Our Events feature those Wild and Popular Monster Trucks just like you see on TV, with National Monster Trucks such as "Big Foot", "Bounty Hunter", and several more. This is a Fun Family Event that Creates Excitement, in which Brand Awareness is remembered.

Our Target Market are the same consumers you presently Market to, with incomes in excess of $65,000, and Average Household of 3.1, who are loyal Motorsport consumers that support Sponsors of Sport.

"Your Company" Presents the "American Thunder Thrill Show".

​We would like to offer you the following Marketing Program:

As A Major Sponsor for our Events. You will receive the following:

Name and Logo in all Radio and TV Advertising.
(Average Media Budget $30K per Market, with average annual Media Budget
of $1.6 Million a year. ​Your Logo would be prominent to increase Brand
Awareness.) ($30,000 Value)

Monster Truck Branded with your Logo at every Show. ($3,500 Value)

Monster Truck on Display at location of your choice in each Market in
conjunction with Radio Station Remote Broadcast Promoting your Business
and our Event. ($3,000 Value)

Signage at every Event. ($1000 Value)

PA Spots Thanking you as a Major Sponsor several times per night. ($500 Value)

Display area to Sample Product (If applicable) ($500 Value)

VIP Passes for every Show (100 Value of $3,000 per Market) to be given to your
​Business Associates, or used for Promotion. ($3,000 Value)

Hospitality for your VIP Guest in Pit Area up close to Drivers. ($2,000 Value)

Advance Ticket Location in every Market to Generate Foot Traffic ($1,000 Value)

We can Structure Promotions in Target Markets you want to reach on a Local and National Level.

This is only a sample of Marketing that we can do. We are very open to structuring a Promotion around your needs.

The Cost of the above Promotion is very cost effective as it is broken down into 3 Marketing Levels.
Presenting Sponsor: $3,500 Per Event. ($39,450 Value = 9.85 to 1 Advertising Return)
​Major Sponsor: $2,000 Per Event
Sponsor: $1,000 Per Event

Sponsor Packages can be Sold in Blocks and Regions, Depending on your Budget. This is a very unique Marketing Program that delivers results at a reasonable cost per head, and creates Brand Product Impressions.

​Please feel free to contact us to discuss this unique Market opportunity further.

Ron Leach