If your looking for an High Energy, Action Packed Monster Truck Thrill Show that will fill your grandstands with cheering, happy and excited families…..

It is found right here, right now, right price, we are ready to bring an Amazing Turn Key 2-hour Motorsport Spectacular for your group. We staff the event with Professional Announcer Show Coordinator and Track Crew. Our group is also available to assist in other details of promotion prior to show. Successful events are what has kept us around for near 20 years now and the success of yours we believe will keep us relevant for years to come. We are team players.  

Our show is fast paced, loud and proud with the following acts performing their tricks and exhibitions,

Monster Trucks,

Hollywood Stunt Show,

Mega Trucks

Jet Melt Down Exhibition

These seasoned veterans perform at the same level as Monster Trucks seen on TV and will keep the crowd attune to our show and on the edge of their seats or their feet from start to finish. Having performed hundreds of shows with this group, we have our timing down very well. Our performance starts on time and ends on time very consistently.

The best part of our package is the price, reasonable and with room left for your group to have a very successful event.

We will provide the following

3 competition monster trucks
3 competition mega trucks
1 Jet Melt Down Vehicle
1 Monster Ride Truck
2 Separate Stunts from the Hollywood Stunt Team
Insurance Coverage
Event Staff


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